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We at Cling Juicery believes that juices should not be pre-made, the best juices should be made on the spot! As such we have created Cling jui-cart. Cling jui-cart is a mobile juice bar equipped with a juice presser, portable fridge, and cooler box. Bringing pressed juices to any events and sharing your ideas of a healthy diet to your guests.

Our event catering services includes an on-site juicer who makes your juice on the spot. Clients can observer the entire juice pressing process from fruit to juice and even participate in creating special juices. Not only can the clients enjoy the juice pressing process, but the juicer can also share their expertise on juice pressing techniques and fruit combinations as a way for us Cling to connect with the drinkers.

We are experienced in serving, but not limited to the following:

Why our on-site juice making service?

One of a kind in Hong Kong

Various experience in collaboration with corporates

Flexible options in flavours and volumes

Customisable juice and bottle design

Commercial equipment & professional butler service

Low technical spec requirement

Takes less than 1 minute per drink ​

Cost as low as $35 per head ​